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Providing fresh, innovative, health-conscious options from our food to our snacks. Whether it be in-store or utilizing our Fresh Fill mobile app drive-thru, we offer food and beverage options in a fast and convenient way. All while investing in our Team and Community to make the world a better place.

A Fresh Take On Partnerships

If you’re looking for a quick meal or snack that tastes great, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Juice It Up!, a raw juice, superfruit bowl and smoothie bar in Riverwalk, Madera that is dedicated to creating a healthier world—one tasty meal or snack at a time. 

The Juice It Up menu consists of nutrient dense handcrafted smoothies, no sugar added raw juices, açaí and other super-fruit bowls, and more. 

Juice it Up develops products to maximize the benefits of each ingredient and never compromise on taste, quality or freshness. Stop in today and start living your life juiced!!

A Fresh Take On Technology​


Self Ordering Kiosk

Place your juice bar order via the self ordering kiosk within the store and shop while you wait for your order. 


"Fresh Fill" Mobile App

Place your orders for both juice bar and in- store grocery items via the Fresh Fill mobile app.


Mobile App Drive Thru

After placing your order on the mobile app, you can pick up your items through our drive- thru. Solely dedicated to mobile app orders.

A Fresh Take on Beer & Wine

Our selection doesn’t just stop at fresh produce and grocery items. Introducing our Craft Beer Cave where you can walk in and pick out your favorite choices of IPAs and specialty beer. Don’t forget to check out our local wine selection too! We have a wide variety of different wines that are sourced locally. 


FRESH from the TAP

Our Fresh from the Tap bar gives guests access to Kombucha on tap, Tea and Nitro coffee. 

Kombucha is a Probiotic drink without caffeine or alcohol, but it is filled with healthy bacteria that work in our digestive systems to support a healthy, happy, and vibrant life. This delicious elixir is recognized the world over for its energizing, detoxifying, and over-all health-supporting qualities. It’s been around for thousands of years and extensively studied. It’s great for:  Digestion, Cleansing, Immunity, Weight Loss, Hormone Regulation, Joints, Healthy Skin, Mental Functioning, Allergies, and so much more!


A Fresh Take on Teams

We love investing in our team! At Fresh Fill, we believe that employment should be more than just clocking in and out. Guided by our CORE VALUES, we offer multiple sources of growth and development, such as Personal Development Workshops, Gym memberships, Store Discounts, Team Retreats, and Dream Manager sessions. Whatever your long-term goals may be, Fresh Fill is here to help foster growth in every team member! We want to create an environment where people can grow their talents and experience to lead them onto the next stage of their careers.

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